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Testing Options Displayed at Biofuels Expo

Instrumentation specialists Quantitech offered visitors to the European Biofuels Expo and Conference 2008 a free demonstration of the very latest compact on-site analysers for biofuel analysis.
The company exhibited at the largest Bio-energy event in Europe, held at the Newark Showground, Notts, on October 15-16, to demonstrate the InfraCal and InfraSpec mid IR analysers which are both capable of measuring biodiesel in diesel, ethanol in gasoline and water in ethanol.
The low-cost InfraCal Filtometer and the InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer from Wilks Enterprise, both single wavelength analysers, can easily monitor more than one component and are ideal for biodiesel measurement. 
The instruments are the perfect choice for easy, on-site biofuel analysis to help ensure product quality. They have been specifically designed as field portable instruments – to be operated by personnel having little or no knowledge of infrared analytical techniques.
Quantitech demonstrated  to visitors the versatility of the InfraCal and InfraSpec products and explained how they can provide the perfect solution for biodiesel testing. Quick analytical measurement methods to assess the blend ratio can be of great benefit to fuel distributors, engine manufacturers, fleet operators, and regulatory agencies.”

Additionally, Quantitech offer the Teledyne Leeman Labs FuelPro Biofuels Metals Analyser which is compliant with both European (EN14214) and American (D6751) standards. The FuelPro can detect contaminants including phosphorus, sulphur, sodium, potassium and calcium. 


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