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InfraRan Will Monitor Atmosphere In British Subs

A contract to supply 20 portable 4-gas refrigerant gas monitors has been awarded to Quantitech Ltd. of Milton Keynes by the Ministry of Defence. Developed by Wilks Enterprise, Inc. of South Norwalk, Connecticut, these monitors will be used on board British submarines to help ensure safe air quality conditions. The contract is valued at over £100,000.
Wilks Enterprise, Inc. is a leading manufacture of portable infrared instrumentation for environmental and quality control applications including ambient air analysis, oil/grease in water and soil sampling, and at/near line process measurements.
The Wilks InfraRan Refrigerant Specific Vapour Monitors that will be supplied to the MOD are factory calibrated to continually measure the refrigerants R114, R134a, R236fa, and Halon 13B1 in the 0 to 2500 part per million (ppm) concentration range and provide an alarm should pre-set limits be exceeded.
Developed by the team that was responsible for the well-known "Miran" range of gas analysers, this instrument can detect virtually any compound with an absorption band in the infra-red region from 2,5µm and 14.5µm, which includes the vapours of many important industrial solvents, anaesthetic gases and refrigerants. Models are available for the specific detection of single gases or of multiple components (up to 4), with measurement ranges from ppm to percent. Easy-to-use menu-driven software and factory calibration enable even non-technical staff to make fast, accurate measurements with minimal training. Light weight (18lb, 8.2kg) and internal (rechargeable) battery power make the InfraRan truly portable, so the instrument is ideal for “on the spot” occupational health applications. 
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