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IR Spectrometer

Please note that Quantitech no longer distributes the Spectro range of Wilks analysers - please contact us for further details.


InfraCal Filtometers are filter based infrared analyzers,providing the precision and accuracy necessary for repetitive quantitative mid-IR measurements in the laboratory, in the manufacturing plant or in the field.
The mid-IR region of the infrared spectrum (2 to 20 micrometers, 5000—500 cm-1), especially the “fingerprint region” (5 to 15 micrometers, 2000— 667 cm-1) is very useful in solving real world analysis problems. This is due to:

  • Organic functional groups have characteristic and well-delineated absorption bands in this spectral region.

  • Since molecules differ from each other by having different combinations of functional groups, their mid-IR spectra can be used to identify them and characterize their structure.

  • Mid-IR spectra of mixtures are additive. Thus absorption bands associated with individual components can be used to quantify them by the strength of their absorption.

  • Calibration data in the mid-IR region is much more generic and less matrix sensitive than that in the near infrared region of the spectrum and thus is more readily transferable from instrument to instrument.

    Because of these characteristics, the mid-IR region provides the information necessary to perform effective, accurate quantitative analyses on a wide variety of samples and materials.



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