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Stack Emissions Monitoring

Regulations require operators of plant that may emit atmospheric pollutants to install monitoring systems and/or sample those emissions from time-to-time. A long list of gases, vapours and dusts may have to be monitored and the operator must select certified (E.g. MCERTS) equipment for each application.

Quantitech offers a range of techniques and technologies to help operators meet their obligations, and specialists are on hand to offer appropriate advice. If a short-term solution or system evaluation is required then one of the products from our rental inventory may be necessary.

Fixed Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) are available employing Gasmet FTIR technology to monitor almost any compound. This fast, reliable, multicomponent analysis  technology is also available in portable systems for testing multiple stacks or sites or for semi-continuous monitoring.

Many processes do not need to be monitored every day; instead, it is sufficient to monitor continuously during a short representative period. For this reason, process operators and testing organisations need equipment that can be conveniently taken from site to site. In addition, portable equipment is required to check the performance of fixed monitors and the performance of flue gas scrubbers, meaning that portable FTIR instruments are often used at several measurement points within the same site.


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