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Thermo-FID Portable VOC gas analysers (MCERTS)

Portable MCERTS FID analysersMcerts certificate for FID analyzersThere are two versions of the portable Thermo-FID PT, both with MCERTS:

  1. PT63 with built-in bottle holder (14Kg)
  2. PT63/LT free-standing (10kg)

The portable Thermo-FIDs are designed for the accurate, reliable continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gases in a wide variety of applications including flue gas emissions, solvent evaporation, waste incineration, process monitoring, workplace and ambient monitoring. Compact, robust and lightweight, these instruments are ideal for use by Test Houses and process operators with multiple stacks; offering advanced FID technology at highly competitive prices. The Thermo-FID instruments have optional internal dataloggers and are very easy to set up and run.

The portable Thermo-FID measures volatile organic compound (VOC) gases with a flame ionisation detector (FID), which converts hydrocarbon concentrations in a gas sample into an electrical signal which is displayed in engineering units -  ppm or mg/m3 or g/m3 or Vol% or %LEL.

The sensor and pneumatic assembly are heated to 200°C to avoid condensation. An additional integrated temperature controller can be used to control an external heated line with integrated filter. The Thermo-FID PT63 is supplied with an integrated bottle holder and two pressure regulators for span gas and fuel gas. An internal catalyst produces the burner air and the zero gas.

Key features:

  • MCERTS approved
  • Automatic start up / ignition
  • Built-in zero gas and burner air
  • Automatic calibration
  • Very low maintenance
  • Microprocessor controlled sample gas flow
  • Heated sample line and sample probe
  • Automatic adjustment of flow
  • Automatic fuel shut off
  • Status and alarm display
  • Remote control and remote service (optional)
  • Automatic ranging (optional)
  • Built-in datalogger (optional)
  • Methane/Non-Methane hydrocarbon measurement (optional)

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