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Continuous VOC Monitoring

Continuous VOC monitoring with MCERTS aoorived FID analysersThe Thermo-FID portable and fixed FIDs enable the measurement of total VOC emissions. However, if it is necessary to measure a specific compound or compounds, the Gasmet FTIR analysers provide speciated measurements in stack emissions.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as solvents can be broadly described as any organic chemical compound that vapourises under normal atmospheric conditions. Exact definitions vary between countries but VOCs are generally carbon based molecules. VOCs have wide ranging detrimental health effects ranging from mild irritation to carcinogenic, so emissions and workplace levels are both tightly regulated.

In addition to their health effects, VOC emissions are also repsonsible for a range of environmental effects including acting as a pre-cursor to photochemical smog, which causes ground level ozone; another pollutant with harmful health effects.

The VOC Solvents Emissions Directive was created to reduce industrial emissions of VOCs in the European Union. It covers a wide range of solvent using applications such as paint spraying, printing, surface cleaning, vehicle coating, dry cleaning and the manufacture of footwear, flooring materials and pharmaceutical products. Operators of these processes have to demonstrate compliance with emission limits and the analysers from Quantitech are ideal for this purpose.


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