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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring

FTIR emissions monitoring system for GreenHouse Gases GHGsResearch into global climate change has identified an anthropogenically enhanced greenhouse gas concentration within Earth's atmosphere. Gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2),  Methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have been identified in the Kyoto protocol as those that require emission reduction.

Atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases have been increasing during recent history and this is thought to be a reflection of industrial advancement (Watson et al. 2000). Accurate monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions are key to understanding global climate effects, this is the case not just for CO2 but for all gases which is of paramount importance when considering that some compounds have significantly higher greenhouse effects than CO2.

Methane absorbs and re-radiates 21 times the infrared energy that CO2 does, N2O is 310 times more powerful and some chlorinated VOCs have greenhouse effects thousands of times that of CO2.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved by adding abatement systems to process plant. Operators can earn valuable “carbon credits” by demonstrating the abatement efficiency. CEM systems meet all the requirements for validation and verification and are used to establish the baseline emissions and the subsequent reduction. By definition, a greenhouse gas is a strong absorber of Infra-red energy, that implies excellent performance from an FTIR analyser.


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