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Monicon - MC45 Gas Monitor (NEW)

Multi-channel gas analyser and alarm systemMonicon's latest controller, the model MC45 is an innovative, cost effective, wall mounted Gas Monitor capable of monitoring between one and four gas sensors. Designed to operate in conjunction with the T100 toxic gas detector and the CGS500 combustible gas sensor, the MC45 is able to monitor a wide range of toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen in a variety of applications.

The MC45 Gas Monitor is compatible with a wide range of third party 4-20mA transmitters including temperature probes. Gas concentration and instrument status is indicated on a colour TFT display which can be configured in split-screen or full screen operation; the signal processor factors in variations caused by temperature changes.

The MC45 has a built-in battery charger circuit and an optional 12V, 1.2AH rechargeable battery (sealed lead-acid) may be fitted inside the enclosure to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of a mains power failure.

Key Features:

  • Individual voltage-free relay contacts
  • Advanced colour TFT backlit display
  • 1 to 4 channels
  • User programmable
  • Low power
  • Built-in battery backup circuit
  • Alarm inhibit during calibration
  • individual 4-20mA analogue outputs
  • Extensive fault detection firmware
  • Sealed to IP65
  • RS485 communications
  • Remote reset and accept terminals



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