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Toxic gas analysis - new video, white paper and case study

Toxic Gas Analysis in Freight ContainersDangerous levels of toxic gases (arising from fumigants, products or packing materials) in freight containers represent a major threat to port and transport workers, customs officials, warehousemen, store employees and consumers. However, the risks posed by these gases can be effectively assessed with Gasmet FTIR multigas analysers. Gasmet has therefore published a video, a white paper and a case study; providing comprehensive help and advice for any employers that need to assess such risks in order to protect the health and welfare of staff and customers.

The air quality inside freight containers varies enormously, depending on the goods, the packing materials, transit time, temperature, humidity and the possible presence of fumigants. Consequently, many containers contain hazardous levels of toxic gases.

Container gas testingTraditional monitoring techniques employ a ‘hit and miss’ approach, but in the new Gasmet video the advantages of simultaneous multigas analysis are explained. This capability is provided by the Gasmet DX4040, a portable FTIR analyser capable of detecting and measuring hundreds of compounds. The video demonstrates this using containers ‘spiked’ with common contaminants.

The video can be viewed on YouTube or via

Gasmet has also published a case study on a company in the Netherlands which specialises in the assessment of freight containers with a fleet of 8 portable FTIR analysers.

In the article Wim Van Tienen says: "“FTIR gas analysis has benefited this work enormously. For us, the main advantages are speed and peace of mind – we are now able to test more containers per day, and by testing for such a large number of target compounds, we are able to dramatically lower the risks to staff. White Paper on toxic gas analysisThe speed with which we are now able to test containers, coupled with the negligible requirement for service, calibration and consumables, means that the ongoing cost of monitoring is minimal."

In addition, Gasmet has created a comprehensive White Paper on Container Gas Analysis.

This is available as a free download from the Gasmet website.


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