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Monicon - Gas Sensors and Monitors


Founded in 1998, Monicon Technology specialises in the design, development and manufacture of gas detection equipment, including Atex approved instruments. With over 100,000 installed gas detection points Monicon has a reputation for quality and reliability.


Gas Monitors

Monicon Gas Monitors are innovative, cost-effective, wall and rack mounted units, with the ability to monitor single or multiple channels. Before ordering, customers can select from a range of toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen, for monitoring in a wide range of applications.

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Toxic Gas Transmitter

The T100 is a 4-20mA 2-wire transmitter that can measure a wide range of gases. Housed in a rugged, compact metal enclosure, it is designed to be maintenance free and inherently stable.

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Intelligent Combustible Gas Detector

The CGS500L Atex certified Gas Monitor is a rugged, self-contained, intelligent gas sensor with many advanced features to provide fast, reliable warnings of combustible gas.

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NDIR Gas Sensor

Industrial gas sensorThe CGS500-IR sensor is a NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) sensor designed to replace thermocatalytic gas sensors for monitoring hydrocarbon gases in the range 0-100% LEL. The CGS500-IR is available as a sensor only or fitted in an EEx e certified junction box.

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Combustible Gas Sensor

Thermocatalytic combustible gas sensorThe Monicon CGS500 thermocatalytic combustible gas sensor has been designed to measure concentrations of combustible gases in the range 0-100% LEL. The CGS500 is fitted in an EExe certified junction box.

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