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Thermo-FID FE wall-mounted continuous VOC analyser (MCERTS)

Thermo-FID FE Continuous IP65 VOC AnalyserFID MCERTS certificateThe IP65 Thermo-FID FE is a field-ready, plug-and-play, certified TOC measurement system. Pre-engineered for wall or rail mounting in field conditions, the FE has a reduced footprint compared with conventional 19” rack systems, increasing the available working space and reducing installation time and cost. Thermo-FID FE employs a flame ionisation detector (FID) for the measurement of volatile organic compound (VOC) gases as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) concentrations in a sample gas. Results are displayed in ppm or mg/m3 or g/m3 or Vol% or %LEL.

ATEX versions of the Thermo-FID FE are also available.

The Thermo-FID FE instruments are designed for the accurate, reliable continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gases in a wide variety of applications including flue gas emissions, solvent evaporation, waste incineration, process monitoring, workplace and ambient monitoring.

The sensor and pneumatic assembly are heated to 200°C to avoid condensation and a heated pump without moving parts delivers reliable efficiency. The Thermo-FID is almost independent of pressure fluctuations from the process stream.

A sophisticated built-in microprocessor controls the analyser, providing full diagnostic capabilities, fully automatic calibration, automatic start up even after a power failure, automatic flame ignition, automatic fuel shut off system, remote service diagnostics and many other features for unmanned operation, including status information and  alarm relays for errors or maintenance requests.

Key features:

  • MCERTS approved
  • Automatic start up / ignition
  • Built-in zero gas and burner air
  • Automatic calibration
  • Very low maintenance
  • Microprocessor controlled sample gas flow
  • Heated sample line
  • Automatic adjustment of flow
  • Automatic fuel shut off
  • Status and alarm relays
  • Multi-point sampling (optional)
  • Remote control and remote service (optional)
  • Automatic ranging (optional)

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