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Portable multigas emissions monitoring

Portable FTIR emissions analyserPortable FID analysers are available for measuring total VOCs, but if it is necessary to monitor other gases or to speciate the VOCs, an FTIR analyser is required. The Gasmet™ DX4000 is a portable MCERTS approved FTIR gas analyser, commonly employed for stack emissions monitoring, comparison measurements, process monitoring and other applications where multiple compounds need to be accurately monitored. Portable, robust and easy to use, the instrument’s corrosion resistant sample cell is heated to 180°C, which ensures that the sample stays in the gaseous phase even with high concentrations of corrosive gases and moisture.

  • Simultaneous multigas analysis
  • MCERTS approved
  • Portable, robust, lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted by test houses
  • Minimal calibration

MCERTS approved fixed FTIR CEMS are also available.

MCERTS approved portable and fixed analysers are also available for VOC monitoring.



FTIR is an extremely popular multiparameter emissions monitoring technology; able to monitor almost any gaseous compound. This means for example, that the Gasmet DX4000 is able to provide monitoring data for up to 50 compounds simultaneously.

Calibration is simple – just a daily zero with Nitrogen.

Compact, lightweight and simple to operate with a portable sampling unit, this FTIR analyser is supplied with Calcmet™ software, which can display results in ppm, mg/Nm3 or Vol-%. Importantly, all measurement data can be stored for further analysis, offering the opportunity to identify unknowns and to perform retrospective analysis. Subsequent analysis on a PC running Calcmet Pro software offers the ability to analyse 5000+ chemical compounds.

Why Gasmet?

The DX4000 has an MCERTS certificate (Sira MC030014/09) demonstrating compliance with the MCERTS Performance Standards EN15267-3 & QAL 1 as defined in EN 14181. This certificate demonstrates enhanced performance across an extended range of gases.

The MCERTS certificate confirms high levels of performance for the measurement of CO, NO, SO2, NO2, N2O, HCl, NH3, H2O, HF, CO2, O2, CH4 and CHOH. The monitoring performance for Hydrogen Fluoride, Nitrogen Oxide and Formaldehyde is particularly good.

Uniquely, Gasmet designs, develops and manufactures its FTIR analysers and is acknowledged around the world as a leader in FTIR. The technology in all of Gasmet’s FTIR analysers is essentially the same and benefits from continual product development. It is this work that has enabled the dramatic improvements that are demonstrated by the MCERTS award.

Why Quantitech?

As a subsidiary of Gasmet Technologies, and with hundreds of Gasmet FTIR analysers in the field, Quantitech’s staff are experts in FTIR; able to offer the highest levels of technical support before and after sales.  Gasmet FTIR analysers are available to hire so that customers can become familiar with the technology before making an investment, and service contracts are available to ensure years of trouble-free monitoring.

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