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MCERTS certification for enhanced FTIR

MCERTS emissions analysersGasmet FTIR performance: best in class

The Gasmet CEMS and the portable DX4000 FTIR analysers have been awarded an MCERTS certificate demonstrating compliance with the MCERTS Performance Standards for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, EN15267-3 & QAL 1 as defined in EN 14181.

MCERTS certificate for gas analysersThe Gasmet continuous emissions monitoring system has successfully completed testing using FTIR technology for the analysis of low range HF, low range NO, Methane and Formaldehyde. “This means that the Gasmet FTIR analysers meet the performance specifications for a larger number of components than any other FTIR in this market,” commented Quantitech MD Ken Roberts.

FTIR is an extremely popular multiparameter emissions monitoring technology; able to monitor almost any gaseous compound. This means for example, that the Gasmet CEMS II e and the DX4000 are able to provide monitoring data for up to 50 compounds simultaneously.

The performance tests, which involved both laboratory and three months of field measurements, were undertaken by TÜV Rheinland, the internationally renowned independent test, inspection and auditing organisation.

Click here to download the Certificate: Sira MC 030014/09

Expressing his delight, Ken Roberts said: “Customers will be particularly interested in this certificate because of the exceptionally good figures for Hydrogen Fluoride, and the data for Nitrogen Oxide and Formaldehyde are also very significant because no other FTIR is certified down to 150 mg/m3 NO in 40 vol-% water and no other instrument is approved for Formaldehyde at all.”

The technology in all of Gasmet’s FTIR analysers is essentially the same and benefits from continual product development. It is this work that has enabled the dramatic improvements that have been highlighted by the TÜV tests.

Rami Vuorinen manages Gasmet’s development work. He says: “During 2014, we were able to improve the signal/noise ratio by as much as 50%, and significantly improve sensitivity. However, we did not publish this information, pending the results of the TÜV tests, so it is very pleasing to be to provide third party evidence that supports our own findings.”

The newly certified CEM system has been denoted ‘CEMS II e‘ to highlight the extended range of certified components and the enhanced analytical performance. The same improvements also apply to all Gasmet portable FTIR analyzers.


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