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Engine Emissions Monitoring

Gasmet FTIR gas analysers are popular in the automtive industry's research and development sector because they provide simultaneous analysis of both organic and inorganic compounds in one, compact, portable instrument.


FTIR technology provides the ability to speciate hydrocarbons so that engineers can study the emissions profile under varying loads and with different fuels.

The Gasmet DX4000 is the preferred instrument where portability is key, but if a faster speed of response is required, the nitrogen cooled CR2000 would be applicable.

Please contact Quantitech for advice on which analyser would be most appropraite for your needs.


Key features of in-car monitoring:

  • Simultaneous measurement of NO, NO2 , N2O, CO, CO2 , NH3 and formaldehyde
  • Detection of ammonia slip from Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Monitoring of catalyst performance
  • Measurement times from 5 s 
  • Heated to 180°C
  • Measuring system in the boot or attached to rear seats

Engine emissions testing with FTIR gas analysis

A Gasmet FTIR analyser is being used by Intertek at its engine test facility in Milton Keynes. Intertek test engineer Cory Graham says: “Vehicle manufacturers are focused on improving both the performance and the emissions of their vehicles. FTIR provides a greater insight into exhaust emissions so that Intertek can assist manufacturers with their goals of improving air quality and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.”

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