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Gasmet PCM (Photochemistry Monitoring System)

Gasmet PCM (Photochemistry Monitoring System) is a system designed to conduct FTIR measurements of the concentrations of gaseous reaction products of photochemical reactions.

In particular, the Gasmet PCM was developed to monitor the photoactivity of surfaces coated in Titanium Oxide (TiO2). This highly versatile tool is also used to study a range of photochemical and surface catalysed reactions which produce gaseous products. Designed to allow the use of many different types of surface specimen, different light sources (within the UV and VIS regions) and the a gas generator suitable for both inorganic gases as well as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), the Gasmet PCM proves to be a flexible, dynamic tool able to test self-cleaning cement surfaces, odour-free paints and photocatalytic air purification materials.

System components:

  • Sampling system for extracting the reaction products

  • Gas Generator

  • CX4000 FTIR Gas Analyser

  • Photoreactor

  • Industrial Computer

The sampling system provides a sample of the gases after the reactor to the gas analyser.

The gas generator mixes carrier gas and liquid in a heated vaporisation chamber and feeds the mixture into the photoreactor.

The CX4000 gas analyser used in the Gasmet PCM uses a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, a temperature controlled sample cell, and signal processing electronics. The analyser is equipped for fixed installations and offers versatility and high performance for all industrial users.

The Gasmet CX4000 is designed for continuous monitoring of gas concentrations in process and emission gases. It is the ideal tool for analysing trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas mixtures. The sample cell can be heated to 180 °C. The sample cell absorption path length is selected according to the application.
The Gasmet CX4000 allows simple calibration using single component calibration gases. The user can simply configure the analyser for a new set of compounds.

The photoreactor is a flow-through metal vessel with a gas inlet and outlet, a quartz window, UV source, and a specimen holder for the catalytic material which is irradiated with UV light.


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