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COSHH Monitoring

Portable gas detectors for COSHH monitoringCOSHH is the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and involves the monitoring and auditing of the use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Substances hazardous to health can take many forms, including chemicals, fumes, dusts, mists, gases, vapours and biological agents.  To prevent ill health in the work force the law requires employers to comply with COSHH regulations, and the control elements put in place must be regularly meaured to ensure that they are adequate.

Monitoring of these controls is appropriate to ensure compliance with the WELs (Workplace Exposure Limits), demonstrating that personal protective or control equipment is working sufficiently. 

Gas monitoring is an integral part of COSHH regulation compliance providing information on workplace exposure, protective equipment requirements and assessment of worker risk. The results of this process are subsequently used to ensure exposure limits are not exceeded, to determine what is being inhaled and to provide further information on how control measures can be improved. It is vital to frequently review your COSHH risk assessment, and gas monitoring enables you to ascertain the information necessary to do so.


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