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Hydrocracking is facilitated by a bifunctional catalyst that is capable of rearranging and breaking C-C bonds as well as adding hydrogen to aromatics and olefins to produce naphthenes and alkanes. The major products from hydrocracking are jet fuel and diesel.
Hydrotreating (mostly known as Hydrodesulfurisation or HDS) is a process used to remove sulphur(S) and nitrogen(N) from refined product.

Key measurements for process control include:

O2 (oxygen) - for catalyst management through regenerator off-gas meaurements.  If O2 is insufficient, the deposited coke may not be completely combusted, while an excess O2 will cause over-temperature and reduce the life and activity of the catalyst.

H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and H2O (trace moisture) - to measure in circulating hydrogen to control catalyst sulphiding.

H2S (hydrogen sulphide) - to measure outlet of HDS acid gas scrubber and control the desulphurisation process.




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