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Leak Detection

Industries working with hazardous substances must ensure that they have an established and reliable leak detection system in order to mitigate the risk of a potentially harmful leak.

A hazardous gas or chemical leak can lead to damage to property, loss of stock, expensive clean up operations, environmental damage, sickness and even death. It is therefore imperative that leak detection equipment is capable of detecting a wide variety of hazardous compounds in particular, the detection of colourless, aromaless compounds. The portable Gasmet FTIR gas analysers are therefore ideal for this application, capable of the simultaneous measurment and display of up to 25 gases (or up to 50 gases when used with tablet PC). As a consequence of the enormous number of gases that the DX4040 is able to measure, the device is suitable for a wide variety of additional applications, including chemical spill, security, forensic investigation, occupational health, anaesthetic gases, greenhouse gases, refrigerants, VOCs, research and many others.

Industrial gas detectionQuantitech also provides fixed systems for continuous monitoring applications where there is a potential for chemical leaks of toxic or flammable gases. A wide range of technologies are available to suit almost any application including the monitoring of EX zones.

Contact Quantitech for advice on which monitoring technologies woudl be best for your application.


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