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Catalytic Reforming (CR)

Catalytic Reforming (CR) process converts low-octane linear hydrocarbons into branched alkanes and cyclic naphthenes,
which are then partially dehydrogenated to produce high-octane aromatic hydrocarbons. The dehydrogenation also produces significant amounts of byproduct hydrogen gas,
which is fed into other refinery processes such as hydrocracking.

Key measurements for process control include:

  • O2 (oxygen) - for catalyst management through regenerator off-gas meaurements.  If O2 is insufficient, the deposited coke may not be completely combusted, while excess O2 will cause over-temperature and reduce the life and activity of the catalyst.

  • H2O (trace moisture) - to measure in circulating hydrogen to maintain optimal water-chloride balance for catalyst chlorination.

  • H2 (hydrogen) - to measure purity of the circulating hydrogen to determine dehydrogenation performance. 


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