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Anaesthetic Gases

4030 anaesthetic gas monitoringVarious anesthetic gases are used in hospitals. Gas monitoring may need to be performed in operating theatres for occupational exposure, or for leak detection in gas storage areas. Another significant area of anaesthetic gas exposure is recovery rooms, patients who are waking up from surgery may be exhaling anesthetic gases in concentrations well above the occupational exposure limit (in some cases several hundreds of ppm).

Examples of the anaesthetic gases that may need to be monitiored:

   Nitrous Oxide  N2O

   Sevoflurane  CF3CH(CF3)OCH2F

   Halothane  CF3CHBrCl

   Desiflurane  CF3CHFOCHF2

   Enflurane  CHF2OCF2CHClF


Please follow the links in Products or Downloads for information on instrumentation used for anaesthetic gas measurement.



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