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Wilks Soot Meter

Please note that Quantitech no longer distributes the Spectro range of Wilks analysers - please contact us for further details.

The InfraCal Soot Meter provides an easy-to-use system for on-site measurement of the amount of suspended carbon (soot) in diesel engine lubricating oils.  It is factory calibrated to measure levels as high as 12% to 15% in less than 30 seconds without sample preparation or dilution.  This fixed filter analyzer utilizes infrared absorption spectroscopy for evaluating and screening used oil.  Measurement results are displayed directly as % soot, relative to a standard TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) reference method.  It is ideal for oil and engine testing laboratories, as well as on-site oil testing, onboard ships and at power stations.


  • Measurement based on ASTM Method D7686-2011

  • Direct Reading - one-step, pushbutton infrared measurement of soot levels up to 15%

  • No Dilution or Sample Preparation

  • Rapid analysis - less than 30 seconds per sample

  • Compact - portable and lightweight (under 3 kg)

  • Rugged - insensitive to vibration or changes in temperature and humidity

  • Cost Effective - eliminates need for more expensive and complex instruments

  • Save Money - change oil only when necessary

  • Simple to use - No specialist knowledge required



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