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Quantitech workshop will be one of your ‘five-a-day’

Every attendee at Quantitech’s gas analysis workshop at AQE 2013 will receive a free orange.

The purpose of the complimentary citrus refreshment will be revealed during the workshop, which will take place from 12-12.30 on Thursday 14th March in Workshop Room 1. Entitled ‘FTIR analysis for complex gas mixtures – real world examples of trace gas analysis in ambient air and stack emissions’  the workshop will demonstrate FTIR’s ability to measure almost any gas in a multitude of applications.

AQE 2013, the Air Quality and Emissions show (formerly ‘MCERTS’) will take place in Telford, UK, on 13th and14th March. Parking, refreshments, lunch and access to the Exhibition and Workshops, are all free to those that pre-register at

Quantitech will also run a further presentation entitled ‘Methods for sampling emissions of Dioxins, Particulates, Mercury and Heavy metals’ from 11-11.30 on Wednesday 13th March, also in Workshop Room 1.


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