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Gasmet DX4040 Portable FTIR Ambient Air Gas Analyser

The Gasmet DX4040, the only truly portable FTIR gas analyser in the world, is a lightweight battery operated system capable of measuring multiple gases (both organic & inorganic) at low concentrations simultaneously in real-time.  The system has been developed based on the highly successful Gasmet DX4030   and shares the same optical components and internal hardware. Significant advances have been implemented to the operating software and control apparatus to make the Gasmet DX4040 one of the most versatile gas analysis solutions available.

As a consequence of the enormous number of gases that the DX4040 is able to measure, the device is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including chemical spill, security, forensic investigation, occupational health, anaesthetic gases, greenhouse gases, refrigerants, leak detection, VOCs, research and many others.


Brief features of the system are as follows (specification datasheets and brochures are available to download via links on the right hand side of this page).

  • Real time measurement and display of up to 25 gases (or up to 50 gases when used with tablet PC)

  • Sub ppm detection limits

  • Cross interferences automatically compensated for in the analysis

  • Quick to set up and easy to use

  • Wireless communication (Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G)

  • GPS data logged with gas measurements

  • An operating time of 2.5 hours with one charge.

  • Battery charge indicator on instrument and on-board battery charging

  • No sample preparation required

  • Warning of false positives and identification of unknown gases using a specral library of over 5000 compounds

  • Single button unknown gas identification performed in the field (capability also applicable to the DX4030) using a tablet PC

  • Saving of all sample spectra for post sampling analysis

  • There are no consumable parts that would need replacing on regular basis.

  • Stable optics, designed for use as a mobile system

  • No span calibrations required, only periodic zeros using nitrogen or clean air

  • No consumables that need replacement on a regular basis

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