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Quantitech to show two advanced detection technologies at ESS 2010

Instrumentation specialist Quantitech will demonstrate two leading edge technologies at November's Emergency Services Show – the Gasmet DX4030 multi-gas analyser and the TeknoScan TSI-3000 banned substance trace detection system.
The TeknoScan TSI-3000 is a highly sensitive and selective portable system for detecting banned substances, capable of simultaneously detecting target substances from a library of up to 50 separate compounds, providing complete analysis of a sample in 3 minutes or less. A major feature of the equipment is the virtual elimination of false alarms.
During field trials, TeknoScan demonstrated detection and identification of threat substances from samples as small as 0.1 nanograms in a polluted environment. Therefore, there is an extremely high probability of detection if an individual, object or container has been in contact with a target substance, even if masking agents are present.
Quantitech’s Managing Director Keith Golding said: “There are three important features to this new technology. Firstly, samples are acquired by aspiration and we are able to detect substances both in the volatile state and attached to other tiny particles of dust. Secondly, the number of false alarms is dramatically reduced by concentrating and purifying the sample with a number of sequential techniques, and thirdly, it is a networkable product that can be updated as and when new drugs or explosives become a threat.
"A reliable technology for detecting banned substances on passengers and in freight cargo is critically important to every aspect of security, so we are very excited about the prospects for the TeknoScan technology."
Quantitech will also demonstrate the Gasmet DX4030 multi-gas analyser which has recently been adopted by the UK's Air Quality Cell - a multi-agency group of technical experts chaired by the Environment Agency with the Health Protection Agency, Meteorological Office, Health and Safety Laboratory and the Food Standards Agency.The DX4030 is able to monitor almost any gas and as such is ideal for the investigation of emergencies such as fires or chemical spills. The instrument is the world’s first truly portable FTIR multicomponent gas analyser, enabling operators to measure multiple components simultaneously, including Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and other potentially harmful substances.

Experts will be available at the Quantitech stand (No. 568) to demonstrate both the TeknoScan technology and the DX4030 multi-gas analyser at the Emergency Services Show (Stoneleigh, 24-25th November).


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