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New technology from Quantitech at Transport Security 2010

Instrumentation specialist Quantitech is delighted to announce that it will be demonstrating the latest technologies available for banned substance and fumigants detection in containers at this year’s Transport Security Expo and Conference at London Olympia on September 14th-15th.

Featuring an exhibition, conferences and workshops, Transport Security is the only event to bring together the full spectrum of key stakeholders and industry leaders from the areas of Aviation, Maritime and the supply chain all under one roof.

Quantitech, who have recently concluded a collaboration agreement with TeknoScan Systems of Canada, will be exhibiting the highly advanced TeknoScan Analyser at stand F10 for the very first time in the UK.

TeknoScan has developed the highly sensitive and selective portable system for detecting banned substances that has major advantages over existing techniques, not least of which is the ability to detect target substances from a library containing up to 50 separate compounds all at once, providing complete analysis of a sample in 3 minutes or less.

TeknoScan has demonstrated detection and identification of threat substances from samples with the analyser as small as 0.1 nanograms in a polluted environment.

Also on show at the Quantitech stand will be the Gasmet Dx-4030, which can be deployed for the testing of fumigants and toxic industrial chemicals in cargo containers at ports and airports. Employing FTIR technology, the analyser is already helping professional investigations in a wide variety of applications including those for which it is not possible to determine, in advance, the gases that are likely to be encountered.

The instrument is the World’s first truly portable FTIR multicomponent gas analyser, enabling operators to measure multiple components simultaneously, including Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and almost anything else.

Keith Golding, Quantitech Managing Director, said, "We are looking forward to demonstrating the advanced technology we have on offer to help combat the threat of terrorism and organised crime and simultaneously enhance transport security and safety.”

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