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Portable TPH/TOG Testers in High Demand

Quantitech’s ‘InfraCal’ is a small, inexpensive portable Oil/Grease Analyser, based on a microprocessor controlled infrared filtometer, that accurately measures oil/grease in water, solids or sludges in a wide variety of applications.
However, Quantitech has reported high levels of interest in the device for contaminated land investigations, following revised advice from the Environment Agency.

The Qualification Requirements for Chemical Test Data on Contaminated Soils under Policy Number: 307_03, state ‘The use of in-situ testing to complement MCERTS laboratory analysis can significantly improve the quality of site investigation and can reduce the cost of both site investigation and remediation. It can be used for improved targeting of conventional sampling, better spatial delineation of contaminated areas, and the development of conceptual site models. Although only MCERTS accredited data can be used to support regulatory decisions the Environment Agency recognises that in-situ testing has an important supporting role to play.’

Quantitech’s Keith Golding believes that the InfraCal is proving popular for contaminated land investigations because it is able to provide accurate measurement of petroleum hydrocarbons at a relatively low cost. “As a result” he says “Measurements can be obtained quickly in the field (10 minutes), without having to wait for laboratory analysis. The InfraCal range of instruments are able to measure oil and grease in water, sludge or solids  (0.5 to 5000 ppm in water and 3 to 5000 ppm in soil) and at only 2kg they are ideal for portable applications.”

Portable instruments can provide fast data for a large number of samples, thereby helping to identify ‘hot spots’ and speed remediation activities.


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