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Stack emission monitors are future-proof

Leading instrumentation company Quantitech is able to offer customers a revolutionary ‘future-proof’ gas analyser which can protect against any requirements to monitor new parameters in the future.

The FTIR Gasmet DX-4000 can monitor up to 300 different compounds of varying concentration and other gases can be added for future applications at little or no extra cost, creating a ‘future-proof’ instrument.

As an example of the instrument’s success, one of Europe’s largest carbon fibre manufacturers has recently acquired a third DX-4000 from Quantitech. The instruments operate in a dual capacity for SGL Group, in Inverness, providing data for compliance with emissions monitoring regulations in addition to continuous information on the efficiency of the company’s abatement system.

FTIR stands for Fourier Transform Infrared, the preferred method for infrared spectroscopy. An FTIR spectrometer obtains infrared spectra by first collecting an ‘interferogram’ of a sample signal with an interferometer, which measures all infrared frequencies simultaneously to produce a spectrum.

Sample identification is possible because chemical functional groups absorb light at specific frequencies. In addition, through calibration of the spectrometer, it is possible to determine the intensity of the absorption (relative to the component concentration).

The Gasmet™ FTIR gas analyser from Quantitech can measure any gas, with the exception of the following:
• Noble (or Inert) gases
• Homonuclear diatomic gases (e.g., N2, Cl2, H2, F2, etc)
• H2S (detection limit too high)
The majority of FTIR analysers are used for process control, exhaust monitoring, emissions monitoring, workplace/industrial hygiene monitoring and research.

As a multicomponent gas analyser, the Gasmet™ FTIR from Quantitech is ideal for customers that need to:
1) Analyse multiple components, or
2) Analyse hot/wet gas (e.g., hot humid applications for HCN, NH3 or HCl etc)
3) Analyse any gas in complicated gas mixtures

The Gasmet™ library of reference spectra consists of reference files of gas spectra measured to-date with different Gasmet™ gas analysers. The library contains hundreds of spectra and each reference spectrum contains both quantitative and qualitative information about the component.

High levels of accuracy and low levels of maintenance are achieved as a result of continuous calibration with a He-Ne laser, which provides a stable wavenumber scale. In addition, high spectral signal to noise ratio and high wavenumber precision are characteristic of the FTIR method. This yields high analytical sensitivity, accuracy and precision.

Quantitech’s Dominic Duggan says that in comparison with multiple analyser CEMS, the FTIR is “Extremely easy to operate”, adding “Zero point calibration with Nitrogen (background) just takes a few minutes and is required once a day. Under normal circumstances no other calibration is required which saves users a great deal of time, effort and money.  However, water vapour calibration must be performed after every major maintenance operation and at least once per year.

“At Quantitech we are able to add measurement parameters to installed FTIR CEMS. This is because absorptivity is a physical constant specific to each gas, and the reference spectra (or calibrations) can be easily transferred from analyser to analyser.”

Paul Conroy, SGL Development Engineer, explained: “The DX-4000 is a perfect instrument for us because we need to simultaneously analyse a large number of components which are created during the carbon fibre manufacturing process. We are also easily able to add different gases in the future and modify the settings, which means that we don’t have to upgrade equipment or buy a new instrument.
We have also received excellent support and guidance from Quantitech since we had the first analyser installed two years ago.”

Summarising the benefits of FTIR over traditional techniques, Dominic Duggan says, "The Gasmet FTIR systems that we have installed in the UK record a full analytical spectrum for each measurement. This is important for three reasons; firstly, it enables the system to measure a wide variety of parameters with just one instrument; secondly, it enables us to analyse old spectra in order to measure new parameters (that we did not need at the time) and thirdly it is relatively simple to add new parameters which is why we call it future-proof."


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