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Emissions trial demonstrates breadth of FTIR capability

QUANTITECH has co-authored a report on trials at the National Physical Laboratory which demonstrate the ability of the Gasmet FTIR to measure Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in addition to almost any inorganic gas.

The popularity of FTIR for emissions monitoring has grown considerably in recent years as a result of its ability to provide multiparameter measurements in one instrument. However, whilst the Gasmet FTIR analysers (online and transportable analysers) have MCERTS approval for the measurement of a wide range of gaseous emissions, this approval does not currently include organic gases, so process operators are required to install an FID (Flame Ionisation Detector - the standard reference method) in addition to the FTIR which, many believe, may be an unnecessary extra expense.

The trials have demonstrated that the Gasmet FTIR would meet the requirements under MCERTS for linearity, cross-sensitivities to H2O, CO2 and NO2, and for response to VOC mixtures including aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and methylene chloride. It was also shown that the FTIR could pass the in-field statistical tests of performance under CEN TS 14793 demonstrating equivalence to FID. However, it is clear that when the Gasmet FTIR is used for TOC monitoring it is important to ensure that the instrument is configured to measure all of the organic gases that might be present.

Quantitech Director Dominic Duggan said, 'Further trials will be necessary before the Gasmet FTIR can be fully accepted for TOC measurement, however it is a goal that will save process operators many thousands of pounds whilst also delivering the ability to speciate (measure individually) organic compounds."

The trials were funded by the 'Measurement for Innovators' programme which is designed to promote innovation by linking industry with the world class expertise and facilities contained within the UK's National Measurement Institutes.


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