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MCERTS award for continuous Dioxins sampler

TCR  Managing Director Maurizio Migliore was presented with an MCERTS Certificate for the TCR Tecora DECS continuous dioxins sampling system at the recent MCERTS 2009 air monitoring event.

Dioxins and Furans are micro-pollutants that mainly result from processes which involve incineration. These include waste incinerators, steel mills, metal processing facilities and 'waste to energy' plant.

Dioxins and Furans  have been shown to bioaccumulate in humans and wildlife due to their lipophilic properties (they are persistent in fatty tissue), and are known teratogens (causing congenital malformations), mutagens(causing genetic mutation), and suspected human carcinogens.

World-wide concern relating to these toxic micro-pollutants has grown in recent years, largely as a result of the proximity of incinerators to populated areas or to areas of food production. The EU Commission recommendation is a maximum daily intake of 2 picograms of dioxins and furans per Kg of human mass.

Dioxins and Furans are produced in emissions at concentrations at the picograms per cubic meter level in well managed waste incinerators, but can exist in nanograms per cubic meter in the emissions of large steel mills. As a result of these very low concentrations, it is not currently possible to measure Dioxins emissions continuously real-time. It is therefore necessary to sample over a period of hours and subsequently to analyse the collected sample with a high-resolution gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GC-MS).

The emissions monitoring requirement varies between different countries, however it is generally required for processes that have the potential to release these compounds and the prescribed monitoring requirement is usually to sample for around 8 hours twice yearly, or more often if the process presents a higher level of risk.

The new MCERTS approved sampling system, known as ‘DECS’ (Dioxins emissions continuous sampling) provides regulators all over the world with the facility to require the creation of samples that represent total process Dioxins emissions over much longer periods; up to one month. Furthermore, DECS provides environmentally conscious businesses with the opportunity to generate emissions data that is far more informative and therefore of much greater value to regulators and the Public.

The DECS sampling unit is permanently installed on a stack and operates automatically, which means that less labour is involved in the sampling process and the procedure is fully automatic so there is less opportunity for error and operators do not need to be highly trained experts. TCR Tecora claims that, as a permanently installed fixture, DECS is less costly than occasional sampling. Furthermore, a Control Unit is installed on-site which can operate up to four samplers and thereby reduce the costs per stack even further. Remote access is available via the Internet or Intranet.

Speaking on behalf of TCR Tecora, Company Director Maurizio Migliore said, "The MCERTS award is timely because of increasing world-wide concern with Dioxins and Furans emissions. The availability of an approved continuous sampling system means that process operators are now able to produce truly representative data."


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