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Extended certification for only transportable FTIR with MCERTS

Renewed and extended MCERTS certification has been awarded to the Gasmet Dx-4000 and Cx-4000 multi-component FTIR gas analysers for CEMS applications, only available in the UK through leading instrumentation company Quantitech.
Additional wider certified ranges, extra gases for GHG emissions and higher water vapour ranges are among the key benefits for users as a result of the enhanced MCERTS certification, according to the Milton Keynes based firm.
The renewed certification includes the addition of NO2, CO2 and N2O, now all MCERTS certified, along with added higher ranges for CO, SO2, HCL and NO.
Quantitech’s Sales Director Dominic Duggan said: “The renewed MCERTS certification means that that the instruments now cover an extended range of gases, with the Dx-4000 remaining the only transportable FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) analyser with MCERTS approval, capable of the simultaneous measurement of up to 50 compounds.
“Additionally, further extensions to the scope of Gasmet systems are already being validated in the field.”
The Gasmet FTIR analysers, with applications in environmental monitoring, emissions and process gas analysis, help operators to meet current and future monitoring requirements.
The SIRA Accreditation Service originally awarded MCERTS certification to the Dx-4000 and Cx-4000 in 2003.


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