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Gasmet CVAF Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitor (MCERTS)

Gasmet Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitoring System CVAFThe Gasmet Continuous Mercury Monitoring System (CMMS) is a complete emission monitoring system designed to meet regulatory requirements for continuous mercury monitoring at combustion sources. The instrument's certification confirms that it offers the lowest measurement uncertainty of any other continuous mercury monitor. 

The Gasmet CMMS has successfully completed EN15267-3 testing using CVAF (Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence) technology for the analysis of Mercury. The CMMS now provides the world’s lowest EN15267 certified range for continuous measurements of Mercury emissions.

The instrument is certified for operation across a number of different ranges up to 1000 µg/m3, but importantly, the lowest range is 0 to 5 µg/m3.

Continuous Mercury Emissions MCERTSThe award of an MCERTS EN15267 QAL 1 certificate means that the Gasmet CMMS meets the monitoring range requirements of EU Directives, and is considered suitable for use on waste incineration and large coal-fired combustion plant applications. It also presents an opportunity for effective mercury emissions monitoring at other types of combustion plant.

Cold Vapour Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) detection is employed giving the advantages of:

  • Interference free measurement (e.g. from SO2, HCl)

  • Exceptional Sensitivity (ng per Nm3 LOD)

  • In-situ sample conditioning

  • Dilution probe, without need for a separate dilution gas

  • Thermal converstion of Hg2+ to Hg0

  • Modular construction

The CMMS system consists of:

  • Dilution Sample Probe

  • Mercury Analyser

  • Calibration Unit

  • Industrial Computer


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