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Hospital Applications

Quantitech has supplied portable systems for air monitoring within the Hospital environment for over 25 years. Employing portable FTIR analysis, the Gasmet DX4040 is able to measure a complete suite of anaesthetic gases and other compounds simultaneously.

Examples of some of gases that may need to be monitored in hospital ambient air are:
Anaesthetic Gases:
Gas measurements are performed in operation theatres, recovery rooms or in gas storage areas to verify that anaesthetic gases are not leaking. In addition, patients who are waking up from surgery are exhaling anaesthetic gases in significant concentrations (several hundred ppm).

  • Nitrous Oxide N2O

  • Sevoflurane CF3CH(CF3)OCH2F

  • Halothane CF3CHBrCl

  • Desflurane CF3CHFOCHF2

  • Enflurane CHF2OCF2CHCl

Sterilising agents:
Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethylene oxide.
These compounds are used for area sterilisation. While effective disinfectants, they are both highly toxic. Leak measurements from disinfection chambers and exposure monitoring are therefore critical to ensure staff and patient safety.

Laboratory applications:
Methyl methacrylate.
Used in the preparation of tissue samples and during artificial joint replacement operations, this toxic volatile compound needs to be monitored in order to avoid exposure of hospital staff.

Please note that the above list of gases is not exhaustive, the Infra red based systems we supply can be configured to measure any gas with the exception of diatomic gases (O2, N2, Cl2 etc), inert gases such as Argon, and H2S (the detection limit is too high for practical use).


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