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Flexibility to handle one-off or short-term monitoring requirements.

  • Try before you buy, generous purchase discounts available against rental costs
  • All equipment checked and calibrated before and after each rental
  • Equipment calibrations performed with certified traceable standards
  • Full applications advice and service support

Discounts against purchase - “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”

This offer is open to those customers interested in the purchase of an analyser and
who have no previous experience in the use and performance of the equipment
in question. The discounts are available on the following sliding scale and apply to
a one week rental period only.

Order placed with 2 weeks of rental - 80% discount of rental charge

Order placed with 2-4 weeks of rental - 60% discount of rental charge

Order placed with 4-8 weeks of rental - 20% discount of rental charge

For Rental Enquiries please contact: Evelyn Ridout


GASMET DX4040 Portable FTIR Ambient Air FTIR Gas analyser

The Gasmet DX4040, the only truly portable FTIR gas analyser in the world, is a lightweight battery operated system capable of measuring multiple gases (both organic & inorganic) at low concentrations.

  • Quick to set up and easy to use
  • No sample preparation required
  • No span calibrations required, only periodic zeros using nitrogen or clean air
  • Real time measurement and display of up to 25 gases (or up to 50 gases when used with tablet PC.
  • Sub ppm detection limits
  • An operating time of 2.5 hours with one charge.
  • Saving of all sample spectra for post sampling analysis




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Weekly Rental Price: £925

Gasmet Portable FTIR Emissions Gas Analyser


A Portable FTIR analyser with heated gas sample cell capable of the simultaneous measurement of up to 50 compounds.
Applications in environmental, emissions and process analysis. 
Combustion gases, VOCs and GHGS all measured at sub-ppm concentrations.
The DX 4000 is the only portable FTIR analyser with MCERTS approval. 



 Rental kit

  • DX4000
  • Sample System
  • Heated Lines
  • Heated Probe / Filter
  • Laptop Computer / Calcmet Software

Link to manufacturer's website

Weekly Rental Price: £1900 per week

Sick Portable FID Gas Analyser

Portable VOC Emissions Monitoring Completely self-contained, with its own air and gas supplies, the Bernath 3006 is the ideal transportable instrument for measuring VOCs in combustion and ventilation stacks. German engineering and proven, long term reliability has made this the instrument of choice for many process industries and Stack Emission test houses.

Capable of measuring both hot (up to 1000º C) and cold gases with confidence over a vast concentration range from 1 to 100,000 ppm. Heated sample lines eliminate condensation from wet gases and high boiling point solvents.



Weekly Rental Price: £750 per week

Wilks Infracal 2

Infracal is a small, inexpensive portable Oil/Grease Analyser, based on a microprocessor controlled infrared filtometer, that accurately measures oil/grease in water, solids or sludges. Results are shown directly on an LED display in parts per million (ppm) or mg/l, with a typical analysis time of less than 30 seconds per sample. The instrument is extremely compact, weighs less than 5lbs, operates from a 12 volt DC power supply, which enables it to be run from a car battery, and has no moving parts to require adjustment or alignment. It is ideally suited for use in remote locations such as oil rigs or wastewater treatment plants. The rugged design renders the instrument insensitive to vibration or changes in temperature and humidity. InfraCal Cuvette Holder Analyzer, Model CVH. This model is recommended for measuring TOG or TPH levels using the traditional EPA methods 413.2 and 418.1 or ASTM method D7066-04 and Freon-113, hydrocarbon-free grade of perchloroethylene, AK-225, S-316 or other spectroscopic infrared transparent solvent as the extracting solvent. Since the extract is deposited into a 10 mm quartz cuvette cell withTeflon stopper, light end volatile components are retained for measurement. Accurate down to 2 ppm.

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Weekly Rental Price: £450


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