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  • FREE White Paper on FTIR multigas analysis
  • New MCERTS certified portable FID gas emissions analysers
  • Engine emissions analyser further improves Intertek’s emissions testing capability
  • Gas analysers support management of fire at waste facility in Swindon
  • Emissions analyser helps manage power station
  • Meet Quantitech
  • Quantitech appoints new Managing Director
  • Gas analyser manufacturer acquires UK’s Quantitech Ltd.
  • New White Paper on process Oxygen gas monitoring
  • Unique gas analyser helps to characterise photoactive pigments
  • Fast payback from laser process gas analysers
  • Distribution deal for oil in water analyser
  • MCERTS key to emissions monitors’ rental popularity
  • Quantitech appoints laser gas analyser specialist
  • Analyzing waste gases during simulated Mars mission
  • Monitoring greenhouse gases from biofuel crops
  • Quantitech launches process gas analyser range
  • FTIR stars in Air Quality & Emissions Show
  • Career Opportunity for an Experienced Service Engineer.
  • Hugely popular emissions monitor receives MCERTS
  • VOCs – why speciate?
  • FTIR Analyser Supports Carbon Capture Research
  • Portability key to success of oil in water analyser
  • SEPA deploys latest technology for emergency response service
  • Certification boosts demand for FTIR multigas analyser
  • InfraRan Will Monitor Atmosphere In British Subs
  • MCERTS award for VOC emissions analyser
  • Advanced detection technologies enhance safety and security
  • Warning for users of breathing gas
  • Investment drives instrument service business
  • FTIR analyser improves anaesthetic gas detection at Torbay Hospital
  • New technology will radically improve explosives detection
  • Quantitech to show two advanced detection technologies at ESS 2010
  • Quick soot test protects diesel engines
  • New portable oil in water analyser
  • Gas analyser helps reveal NITRABAR success
  • Unique technology finds trace levels of drugs and explosives
  • MCERTS award for continuous Dioxins sampler
  • Standing room only at FTIR workshop
  • Quantitech workshop will be one of your ‘five-a-day’
  • Latest multigas FTIR analysers can be hired
  • Quantitech instruments measure nothing
  • Portable gas analyser tests satellite launch system
  • New portable FTIR gas analyser available for hire
  • FTIR analyser reveals surprising solution
  • New face in Quantitech service team
  • Testing Options Displayed at Biofuels Expo
  • Analyser helps protect safety of diving gas
  • Transportable CEMS can be hired
  • Fast oil in water analysis would help fracking
  • New portable FTIR Gas Analyser detects almost any gas
  • Advanced Gas Detection Technology Supports Arctic Greenhouse Gas Research
  • VOC emissions data may be invalid
  • FTIR Gas Monitoring Seminar a Huge Success
  • Gasmet Sponsors Free FTIR Gas Monitoring Seminar
  • Quantitech Appointed Distributor for Advanced Trace Detection System
  • Quantitech enjoys highly successful MCERTS 2011 event
  • TeknoScan security expert to speak at Counter Terror 2011
  • Curing carpet underlay emissions
  • Terrorist plot sparks media interest in detection technology
  • Quantitech wins international award
  • New Trace Detection Technology Offers Improved Security
  • Rapid oil-in-water analysis technology from Quantitech
  • New technology from Quantitech at Transport Security 2010
  • Biofuel plants urged to monitor discharge levels to avoid fines
  • Thursday, 29th April- History Channel appearance for Quantitech expert
  • Gas Analyser Radically Enhances Safety & Security - Counter Terror Expo 2010 Olympia.
  • Latest gas monitors on show at HazMat 2010
  • Gas analyser radically enhances container testing and port security
  • Portable FTIR verifies safe working environment
  • Monitoring at biomass plants should be 'future proof'
  • Monitoring flexibility for Catalyst Environmental
  • Revolutionary FTIR gas analyser now available to rent from Quantitech
  • Portable TPH/TOG Testers in High Demand
  • FTIR gas monitor for diverse applications
  • FTIR Gas Analyser reveals toxicity of ancient siege technique.
  • Media Enquiries
  • Take This Lab to the Sample!
  • Emissions trial demonstrates breadth of FTIR capability
  • Extended certification for only transportable FTIR with MCERTS
  • FTIR Monitors Renewable Energy Plant Emissions
  • Portable F.O.G (Fat, Oil and Grease) analyser saves time and lab costs
  • New portable multi-parameter gas analyser
  • Stack emission monitors are future-proof
  • FTIR provides flexible Emissions Monitoring
  • New Oil in Water Method Allows Onsite Analysis
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